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USSC Foundation News

American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference

American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference in San Francisco CA April 12-16 The USSCF attends the NPC each year in order to create a dialog with planners, and distribute our research materials on behalf of the sign industry. The new USSCF study on freestanding sign height was highlighted, along with the USSCF Model Sign Code…

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USSC Foundation Releases New Sign Height Study & Standards

The USSC Foundation announces the publication of a new study on freestanding sign height titled Recommended Mounting Heights for Freestanding On-Premise Signs, Philip M. Garvey and M. Jennifer Klena, Garvey & Associates (2018). This research was funded by the USSC Foundation and in part by Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry (FASI), New…

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Meet Technical Adviser Randy Wright

At the USSC Foundation, we take our commitment to the sign industry very seriously. That means we’re dedicated to bringing sign industry professionals the resources they need to run their business. One such resource is USSC Foundation Electrical and Fire Safety Advisor, Randy Wright. Randy is a veteran of the sign industry for over 38…

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New Supplement to Free Speech Law for On-Premise Signs

Get the latest update to Professor Dan Mandelker’s Handbook on signs and the 1st Amendment. Professor Mandelker has created a new supplement to his 2012 publication on signs, the courts, and the 1st Amendment. This supplement contains critical information on new caselaw for any person or firm dealing with issues related to the US Supreme…

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USSCF Announces New Legal Fund

The USSC Foundation announces the reformation of the USSCF Sign Defense Fund (formerly the LDF Legal Defense Fund). The new Sign Defense Fund is designed to help sign companies and sign owners combat defective and unconstitutional local sign zoning ordinances. While much attention has been given to the US Supreme Court case in Reed v…

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USSCF Attends APA National Conference

The USSC Foundation attended the American Planning Association’s (APA) National Conference in April 2018, held in New Orleans LA.  This annual event has been extremely successful for the Foundation in the past and has provided a unique opportunity for the Foundation to distribute the results of its sign research projects to planners on behalf of…

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