The USSC Foundation is engaged in a continuous process of curating a collection of publications and research done by others that may be useful to professionals, sign companies and sign users. This collection stands apart from research performed directly by the USSC Foundation, but is complimentary to the USSCF research. All publications will be welcome in this collection, regardless of authorship or origin, as long as they speak to issues related to on-premise signs and provide a positive contribution to an understanding of signs as a vital form of communication and/or help illuminate aspects of signage that may be overlooked.


The USSCF makes all studies and publications available in electronic form to all.  The USSCF generally does not stock hard copies of these Industry Publication documents; from time-to-time they may be included in a USSCF CD with an author’s permission.

Free Speech Law for On-Premise Signs, by Daniel R. Mandelker, Stamper Professor of Law, Washington University in Saint Louis

All new for 2022! For decades, Professor Daniel R. Mandelker has been a leading scholar and authority on land use law, state and local government law, property law, environmental law and the First Amendment. 2012 marked the first publication of Free Speech Law for On-Premise Signs, which was intended to deal with all manner of constitutional issues related to speech, the constitution, the courts, and signs. In 2016, 2018 and 2019, Professor Mandelker updated the Free Speech Law publication in light of new cases that have developed as well as the US Supreme Court’s decision in Reed v Gilbert (2015). The new 2022 Edition included here brings the caselaw current from 2012 to 2022, including decisions following the US Supreme Court rulings in Reed vs Gilbert (2015) and the City of Austin vs Reagan National Advertising (2022)

The Sign Exchange 2022 has been canceled.

The USSC Foundation Board has decided, for a variety of reasons, it is in the best interests of all to cancel the Sign Exchange for 2022.

We wish to thank all loyal Exhibitors and Supporting Members for their participation, and look forward to new opportunities in 2023.


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