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USSC Foundation is an all-volunteer organization. The leadership and management of USSCF consists Board Members who have a passion for serving the on-premise sign industry and insuring that sign research can be conducted far into the future.

All Board Members have a sign background. Each of them understands the daily rigors of running a sign business.  They know what it’s like to work with customers, create pleasing sign designs, confront the hurdles of local zoning and permitting, and meet a payroll.

The mission of the USSC Foundation’s Board of Directors is to represent the on-premise sign industry. And they are ideally suited to bring solutions to sign company owners looking for a resource to help them solve their challenges.

Objective research is the key to creating a useful dialog with architects, urban planners, developers, designers, local municipalities and sign owners.

At the same time
While being respectful of the past
Work to enhance the industry
through research and education
To create a positive future for
the on-premise sign industry
To help sign companies
And suppliers, dealers

Collaborating with communities in a positive fashion helps improve the industry overall along with helping businesses to thrive and create urban areas that are safe to navigate. Therefore, the USSCF works with other professional organizations such as the American Planners Association, Underwriters Laboratories, and SEGD.

Wendy IMG_20171130_145444

Wendy Kern, Bartush Signs

302 N. Washington St.
Orwigsburg, PA 17961
(570) 366-2311
FAX (570) 366-8976

Max Aronow

Max Aronow, SMI Sign Systems, Inc.

3903 Cornell Place
Frederick, MD 21703
(301) 468-1132
FAX (301) 230-9048

Rick Feb 9 2018

Rick Crawford, Mercer Sign Consultants

538 North Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 345-1481
FAX (215) 345-1481

Neal IMG_2038

Neal Wilcox, Empire State Signs

317 Wheeler St.
Tonawanda, NY 14150
(716) 213-0797
FAX (716) 213-0798

The Sign Exchange 2022 has been canceled.

The USSC Foundation Board has decided, for a variety of reasons, it is in the best interests of all to cancel the Sign Exchange for 2022.

We wish to thank all loyal Exhibitors and Supporting Members for their participation, and look forward to new opportunities in 2023.


538 North Street
Doylestown PA 18901
Phone: 215-345-1481


Stay in touch with the USSC Foundation for updates on sign industry happenings, like our annual convention, The Sign Exchange.

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