The USSCF makes all studies and publications available in electronic form to all.  USSCF Supporting Members may obtain hard copies of these documents or a complete catalog on CD at no charge by contacting the USSCF and making a request. It’s easy to join the USSCF – see the Supporting Membership page. If you are a planner, attorney, sign owner, governmental entity or other related professional, please contact the USSCF office for further information on obtaining hard copies or a CD, we will be glad to assist.

Letter & Sign Size

Sign & Letter Legibility

USSCF Sign Legibility + Impact of Color & Illumination 2018

Sign & Letter Legibility in the Real World

USSCF Real World Sign Visibility 2018

Guide to sign and letter size equations based on research

USSCF Computation Equations 2018

Letter & Sign Size for wall signs

How parallel sign (wall) legibility differs from perpendicular signs (freestanding)

USSCF Parallel Sign Legibility 2018


Parallel-mounted On-premise Letter Height and Sign Size

Update to 2006 Study on Parallel Signs

Parallel Sign Computation Rules of Thumb

Sign Height

How sign height impacts sign visibility

USSCF Sign Visibility & Mounting Height 2018

How to determine correct sign height for visibility & legibility

USSCF Recommended Mounting Heights for Freestanding On-Premise Signs 2019


Sign Lighting

How illuminated signs interact with the environment

USSCF Sign Lighting Impact on the Environment 2018

What type of lighting is best for visibility and legibility

USSCF Internal v External Sign Illum Test Track 2018

What type of lighting is best for visibility and legibility in the Real World

USSCF Internal vs. External Sign Illum Real World 2018

Illuminated sign brightness levels and sign visibility and legibility

USSCF Traffic Safety Study 2018

Determining actual brightness of On-Premise signs

USSCF Sign Luminance Levels 2019

Guide to sign lighting term

USSCF On-Premise Sign Lighting Terms 2018

Electronic Signs

EMC lighting level analysis; EMC brightness and legibility

USSCF EMC Lighting Levels Phase 1 and 2 2018

Signs and zoning

Traffic Safety and signs

USSCF Traffic Safety Study 2018

How zoning restrictions can potentially impact site economic performance

USSCF Sign Zoning & Site Performance 2018

Introduction to Game Theory concepts as applied to on-premise signs

USSCF Introduction to Game Theory On Premise Sign Regulation 2018

Can false assumptions undermine good sign design and effective sign codes – Game Theory

USSCF The Economics of On Premise Signs 2018

An analysis of claims about information on signs

USSCF Driver Information Load 2018

Analysis of recent Supreme Court case on signs

USSCF Reed V Gilbert Report 2018

Guideline Standards & Codes

Standards for On-Premise signs

USSCF Guideline Standards for On Premise Signs 2018

Standards for sign lighting including Electronic signs

USSCF Guideline Sign Lighting Standards Feb 19 2018

Model On-Premise Sign Code

USSCF Model On Premise Sign Code 2018

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