Meet Technical Adviser Randy Wright

At the USSC Foundation, we take our commitment to the sign industry very seriously. That means we’re dedicated to bringing sign industry professionals the resources they need to run their business.

One such resource is USSC Foundation Electrical and Fire Safety Advisor, Randy Wright. Randy is a veteran of the sign industry for over 38 years and sits on multiple Code Panels on behalf of the USSCF.

Did you know: If you are a USSCF Supporting Member, you can consult with Randy on all matters related to signs, sign illumination, sign wiring, safe/recommended electrical sign installations, the National Electric Code (NEC) and UL code-related matters at no charge? 

It’s important to note that USSCF members can consult on a strictly confidential basis. No one will know about the questions you may ask or the assistance you may need. Members do not have to be embarrassed about asking a local competitor for help, or worry that a local sign company may use the request for electrical information for competitive gain. No question is too small or elementary.

Click on our Technical Advisors page for more details on Randy as well as how to contact him.