USSC Foundation Releases New Study on Wall Sign Size

The USSC Foundation announces the publication of a new study on parallel sign size, titled Parallel-mounted On-premise Letter Height and Sign Size, Garvey & Associates (2019).This research was funded by the USSC Foundation to help bridge a gap in the research on signs between the original parallel sign size study, performed in 2006, and the practical application of that research in the real world. The report can be found in the “USSCF Research Library” section of the USSC Foundation website - - and is free of charge.

In addition, the USSCF has created a companion publication, titled Parallel Sign Computation Rules of Thumb, USSC Foundation (2019), covering how to calculate wall sign size (also known as parallel sign size and/or building-mounted sign size), using all of the research, in three steps:

1. Use the USSCF Sign Area Calculator formula

2. Use the USSCF research on parallel signs to determine letter height

3. Return to the USSCF Sign Area calculator and complete the information

Garvey and Associates performed new research for Parallel-mounted On-premise Letter Height and Sign Size  to update and refine the work done in 2006 on parallel signs. Since motorists see and read wall signs differently vs freestanding signs along the roadway, this research on wall signs / parallel signs is critical to understanding how to properly-size signs mounted on buildings so they can be both visible and legible for motorists.

These two new publications impact all in the on-premise sign industry: sign designers, sign companies, vinyl & vinyl material suppliers and manufacturers, plastic suppliers and manufacturers, aluminum suppliers and manufacturers, LED suppliers and manufacturers, and sign regulators.

The USSC Foundation Board of Directors believes this new study will help in the continuing effort to bring science to sign design and regulation, and the USSCF Sign Area Calculator is a benchmark for the sign industry. For further information or for questions, please contact the USSCF at 215.785.1922 or

Richard Crawford 8.7.19