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Sign Design Best Practices

USSC Foundation Releases New Sign Height Study & Standards

The USSC Foundation announces the publication of a new study on freestanding sign height titled Recommended Mounting Heights for Freestanding On-Premise Signs, Philip M. Garvey and M. Jennifer Klena, Garvey & Associates (2018). This research was funded by the USSC Foundation and in part by Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry (FASI), New…

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Sign Lighting Guidelines for Static and Electronic Signs

Trying to figure out how to comply with a local sign lighting Code? As a planner, have you been asked to incorporate regulations for sign lighting in a local zoning code? The USSC Foundation has the answers. The USSC Foundation published “A Guide to National Sign Illumination Standards” in April 2017.  The report is based…

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Mini-Case Study: Good Sign Design and Sign Area

The USSC Foundation recently received a member inquiry concerning a proposed new sign in the state of Montana. The Foundation frequently helps supporting members with questions about signs and zoning as a primary member benefit of being a part of the Foundation.   The question from Montana: “What exactly is the definition of sign area and…

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Traffic Safety

What keeps sign shop owners awake at night? Near the top of the list is the arduous task of navigating complex municipality codes. It can be a major obstacle to getting effective signs for their customers.     Codes are often poorly written or do not address the realities of proper on-premise signage. The Model…

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