Sign Lighting Guidelines for Static and Electronic Signs

USSCF Luminance figure

Trying to figure out how to comply with a local sign lighting Code?

As a planner, have you been asked to incorporate regulations for sign lighting in a local zoning code?

The USSC Foundation has the answers.

The USSC Foundation published “A Guide to National Sign Illumination Standards” in April 2017.  The report is based on USSCF empirical research on sign lighting, as well as sign lighting studies by experts in the field. It is the go-to resource guide for professionals involved with illuminated on-premise signs.

The USSCF Guideline Lighting Standards is a comprehensive document covering a wide variety of sign lighting topics.  That includes scientifically-verifiable sign illumination standards and how they impact both aesthetics and traffic safety, a legal framework for "time, place, and manner" sign-illumination regulation in the wake of the Reed vs. Town of Gilbert decision, as well as key factors that local communities should be aware of when implementing sign illumination regulations.

Learn about the (4) different approaches to on-premise sign illumination regulation found in most local codes. Surprisingly, many experts confuse the approaches, and the scientific terminology.

  1. No sign lighting regulation
  2. Brightness standard for sign lighting regulation
  3. Light trespass standard / Nuisance standard for regulating sign lighting
  4. Energy conservation standard for regulating the lighting insides signs

To obtain a complimentary copy or for more information on how the USSCF supports city planners, feel free to contact us.

Richard Crawford

USSC Foundation Technical Advisor

P: 215-785-1922