Sign Legibility
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  • USSC Model On-Premise Sign Code (66p)
    Comprehensive model of suggested means appropriate for local regulation of on-premise signs, including overview of regulatory schemes, legal analysis of case law and constitutional issues impacting on-premise sign usage, definitions, color and grayscale illustrations of general sign types and use, size computation methodologies, area limitations and calculation charts, sign illumination parameters and regulation, electronic sign regulatory schemes, and specific regulation of sign types by zone. Click here to download.

  • USSC Guideline Standards for On-Premise Signs (48p)
    Based on extensive USSC research, the USSC Guideline Standards for On-Premise Signs provides a thorough analysis of on-premise sign detection, visibility, legibility, placement, and size plus easy to use methods and equations designed to optimize the communicative potential of any sign or sign system. Click here to download.

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