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All of us who are involved in the sign industry, from commercial sign shop to national sign fabricator to product manufacturer, experience a number of common problems. The Foundation's purpose is to engage in research studies and educational activities that would resolve these problems. The end result would be:
  • Better/safer signs
  • More legible signsSign codes written and enforced on the basis of current knowledge of sign safety and legibility.
  • Sign designs based current research on readability

A gift to the Foundation is a lasting legacy to the future of your industry. There are many ways to give. Please review the following information on ways to give. If you have questions, we suggest that you consult with your accountant or estate planning attorney.

Ways To Give To The USSC Foundation

Bequest: Make a bequest to the Foundation in your Will or Living Trust. This can be in any monetary amount, or in the form of stocks, bonds, or other negotiable instruments. Your existing Will can be modified without completely redrafting the document. Please contact the USSC Foundation offices for a copy of a sample Will Codicil.

Charitable Gift: Make a gift to the foundation and receive a current year charitable tax deduction to the full extent allowed by law. Gifts can be cash (checks only please), appreciated stock, or property.

Matching Gift: Some employers have a program where they will match individual employee gifts to charitable organizations. If you work for such a company, or your spouse does, you can donate to the USSC Foundation and designate that the matching gift be made to the Foundation as well.

Gift in Kind: You can make a gift "in kind" when you have qualified excess inventory or stock. This is particularly advantageous for materials that are difficult to dispose of, or materials of very low value on a secondary market. For example, suppose your company has 1000 widgets that are last year's model. Instead of selling the widgets yourself, if that is even possible, and receiving pennies on the dollar, you can donate the widgets to the USSC Foundation and receive a fair market value tax deduction. The tax benefit may be more valuable than the pennies you would receive for the outright sale. The Foundation will use the services of a liquidator and receive the cash for the sale of the widgets. This procedure can also be applied to trucks, cars, boats, and machinery. Please contact the Foundation offices if you would like to participate.

Named Beneficiary: You may designate the United States Sign Council Foundation Inc. as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA, 401K Plan, Keough Plan, or any other type of retirement/savings instrument. In addition you may designate the Foundation in any existing or new trust or annuity.

Memorial: Upon the death of a loved one, you may request that in lieu of flowers gifts be made "in memoriam" to the United States Sign Council Foundation, Inc. You should include the full name and our address in any request. The Foundation will, in turn, send an acknowledgment and thank you to those who make a memorial donation and will also provide a list to the family for your own personal acknowledgment.

Executive Offices:
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