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Stay Informed

The USSC Foundation has created a robust body of academic research on sign codes, traffic safety, sign placement, brightness & illumination levels, and other topics related to advancing the importance of on-premise signage in the built-environment.


In addition, the USSC Foundation has curated a collection of the most relevant and current research on signs from outside organizations, found -here-. These publications can help sign professionals understand the critical issues related to designing, building, installing and maintaining on-premise signs.


  • Company name as a Donor in USSCF’s newsletter and on USSCF website.


  • Company recognition and written profile in USSCF newsletter and email communications; recognition as a USSCF Founder in the Exhibit Hall at The Sign Exchange in Atlantic City NJ.

Why Be a Supporting Member of the USSC Foundation?

USSCF provides Sign and Legislative assistance to supporting members experiencing sign code or zoning problems. A simple phone call or email to the USSCF can often solve even the most difficult issues.


We also provide assistance with electric, fire safety and neon sign problems.

The USSCF has representation on national technical panels and Boards, including UL, NEC, NFPA.


Supporting members can count on USSCF for assistance with questions on sign research and technical questions related to how the studies were performed and what they mean for their business.


Since 1998, the USSCF has spent over $1.5 million investing in research

to assist the on-premise sign industry.


Your supporting Member dues and Donations go directly to that research, and make sure that it continues on into the future.

In addition, the USSC Foundation provides:

  • The USSC Foundation offers a Model Sign Code based upon the scientific research of USSCF studies. This model code is user friendly and ready for you to provide to your local towns and municipalities when re-writing their code.


  • Supporting Members can receive hard copies of all USSCF research studies covering Legibility, Lighting, Visibility and Marketing, or via CD or zip drive.


  • Supporting Members can receive hard copies of all USSCF Technical and Engineering aids.


  • And of course, Supporting Member are listed on the new USSC Foundation website.


Phone: 215.785.1922


Stay in touch with the USSC Foundation for updates on sign industry happenings, like our annual convention, The Sign Exchange.

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