About the USSC Foundation

  The United States Sign Council Foundation is a charitable, nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to funding sign-related research and educational activities of benefit to the growth of the sign industry. The Foundation consists of a pool of monies received from donors and contributors. Dues are not involved. Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law for both individuals and businesses.  


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What is the purpose of the Foundation?

The purpose of the Foundation shall be to create an endowment that will serve to fund and sustain continuing education and safety/research activities, including sign safety traffic studies, study of the economic value of signage, seminars and workshops to promote education within the industry on new ideas and techniques

What are the goals of the Foundation?

The USSC Foundation was organized to create a permanent fund to help support many long-term research and educational projects which would promote the understanding and growth of the sign industry. Under the Foundation, donors can be certain that their gifts are going directly to special areas of concern, and the industry has a protected pool of resources upon which to draw to achieve long term goals.

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